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Who We Are

Quantiply is a cognitive intelligence company founded in 2014. Our vision is to help the world run smarter. Quantiply’s mission is to empower small-to-medium enterprises to re-imagine their businesses to drive meaningful impact globally by seamlessly connecting people and technology in real-time. Our goal is to create technology and applications breakthroughs that solve complex, difficult-to-solve problems by combining human and machine intelligence.

How It All Began

How It All Began

Our Story

Quantiply was launched in 2014 to leverage the most powerful technologies available today, as well as, those we develop, to simplify every aspect of the enterprise decision making process by delivering easy-to-use machine intelligence that truly augments human intelligence in real-time. Of course, there have been many promises to simplify over the last several decades. Yet, more technologies and fragmented point solutions that promise simplicity without truly delivering on this promise has only resulted in more complexity, cost, and, frankly, frustration. We get this frustration. We’ve lived it. One day in 2014 in a planning session to kick-off this journey, we simply described this vision as: “To truly enable the CEO and key business decision makers to get back on the golf course”. Sure, not every executive golfs. The idea was to enable executives and managers to feel that they were back in control—that they could truly be proactive, vs. reactive, once again. If executives are able to “know now”, or to get the answers to the most important questions across the enterprise in real-time, as necessary, we thought, vs. “knowing in the future when it’s too late”, they can truly act proactively. This is why we’re here—to enable decision making and action that is in synch with today’s continuing rapid change markets, economies and realities, and even ahead of these, based upon real-time enterprise operations, customer, and performance intelligence. We are here to enable our customers to truly get ahead of the rapid change curve that has become more and more debilitating and costly to small-to-medium size enterprises. We’re here to enable you to know now.

What We Believe

At Quantiply, we believe that human and machine intelligence symbiosis will drive more value out of data than ever before. Whether it is by creating innovative products or discoveries, identifying and serving customers, sensing and responding to new threats and opportunities, identifying business process bottlenecks, uncovering risks, or helping to deliver better interactions and engagement, organizations are working to solve some extremely difficult problems. By augmenting human intelligence with digital systems built with machine learning capabilities, Quantiply believes people and organizations will boost their capacity to process information in time and space by synthesizing what’s most important to them and, ultimately, predicting consequences of their actions.

What we do

Quantiply delivers products to help the world run smarter and improve people’s lives. We help small-to-medium enterprises re-imagine their businesses to drive meaningful impact globally by seamlessly connecting people and technology in real-time. With Quantiply’s Sensemaker® suite of cognitive applications and Qiera AI Avatar, our goal is to empower enterprises by creating breakthroughs that solve complex, difficult to solve problems and by combining human and machine intelligence without requiring anyone to master machine learning, statistical modeling, or mathematics. Quantiply is focused on creating simple to use AI-powered, intelligent applications that enable business users to ask and get answers to complex questions in real-time through natural language interfaces.

Our Products

Sensemaker® is a suite of applications for Enterprise Performance and Risk Intelligence that transforms traditional, labor intensive Business Intelligence(BI) dashboards and reports into new Explainable AI(EAI) powered playbooks that provide an integrated cross-functional collaborative approach to sensing, predicting, and optimizing decisions, measures, outcomes, and impacts across the enterprise. Sensemaker® integrates customer, operations, and products intelligence with machine learning and enhanced narratives. Quantiply’s Qiera AI Powered Avatar helps decision makers leverage the power of Sensemaker by automatically sifting through all relevant data and applying scalable machine intelligence techniques to answer questions through a natural language interface and recommend next best actions, recommendations, and causal analysis.