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Hello, We Are Quantiply

Quantiply delivers Artificial Intelligence powered Performance and Risk Intelligence solutions.

Quantiply delivers artificial intelligence(AI) powered financial crime, risk, and compliance software solutions that address know your customer(KYC), anti-money laundering(AML), sanctions monitoring, and market abuse for regional and global financial institutions and government regulators. Unlike current manual or rules based solutions, Quantiply’s Sensemaker applications suite and platform solutions use AI and machine learning algorithms to identify bad actors, predict future capers, recommend mitigation strategies and actions automatically, and reduce false positives and negatives thereby reducing operational costs and risks. Quantiply’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform also makes it easy to create cognitive apps that deeply understand business outcomes, measures, key performance indicators (KPIs), and key risk indicators (KRIs), so you can focus on strategic execution. With minimal training, Quantiply platform and applications make purpose built machine learning algorithms accessible to all analysts, investigators, regulators, managers, and executives across the enterprise.

Automated Learning.

01. Sense

Rapid onboarding of data allows financial institutions and businesses to quickly analyze and capture critical information before any damage is done. Quantiply’s Cognitive Intelligence Machine enables financial institutions to quickly sift through all transactions and sense suspicious activity in real time.

Know Now.

02. Predict

Know Your Customer in extensive detail through Quantiply’s patented Enterprise Genome® and predict key measures, performance indicators, risk indicators, and outcomes. Reduce the burden on analysts and executives by providing them with accurate insights into their data, reducing false positives and negatives, and minimizing time spent.

Act and Optimize.

03. Act

Through Sensemaker, a self-service cognitive application, financial institutions can quickly share their findings, analyze their data streams, train the Enterprise Genome through feedback to constantly increase accuracy over time, generate digital narratives, file Suspicious Activity Reports(SARs) and compliance reports, and much more. Combat money laundering, fraud, and compliance risks by incorporating Quantiply’s machine learning and AI solutions.

Humans, Machines, and Knowledge

A Blog About AI, Analytics, and Data Science Engineering

Oct 11, 2016 - Thought Leadership

Taylorism to Consumerism: Decoding the Enterprise Digital Genome

Unpredictability and variety are the new reality. The driving forces for fuzziness or unpredictability are rapidly changing business context, competitive forces, and the half-life of decisions and intellectual property. Augmenting business processes with the human and machine intelligence (Augmented Intelligence) to refine and optimize these so-called non-predictable case scenarios is extremely critical for the next generation enterprise to be able to continually create and re-create their optimal competitive advantage.

By: Vamsi Koduru

Sep 28, 2016 - Artificial Intelligence

Re-Thinking: Enterprise and Cloud Computing

ERP, SCM, and CRM process measurement generates an unprecedented flood data. Enterprise value is buried in this data. Most of the enterprises can’t afford to have their own IT infrastructure to make meaning out of this data. Cloud enables enterprises to turn their labor and resource intensive Data Warehouses to real-time knowledge graphs powered by Machine Intelligence and Algorithms. Cloud provides an opportunity to bring scale and access required to deliver machine intelligence to the enterprises.

By: Surendra Reddy

April 21, 2015 - Internet of Things(IoT)

Taming IoT with Machine Intelligence

As we look ahead to the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution with an estimated 25 billion connected devices expected in the next 5 years we believe that the machine intelligence has a big role to play. Specifically, we think that there are profound challenges associated with new applications spanning from people to technology. Some these obstacleson the path to realizing true value of IoT include development costs, social engineering issues, access to new technologies, risks related to data governance, and scarcity of resources.

By: Michael Hay, HDS